3P.NET VMC (Virtual Medical Center) is an extraordinary interactive venue.

Today’s modern medicine requires more effective & timely communications. Patient consultation, critical care, pain management, collaborating with colleagues, PBM discussion with pharmacists, and even attending educational lectures while improving interpersonal relations are just a few examples of how 3P.NET VMC could boost your patient care productivity.

Now 3P.NET VMC is proud to bring you the World's First of its kind – Imagine a web based Virtual Medical Office Tele-Health office with no special hardware or software where you could setup virtual medical office and exam rooms with up to 8 webcams broadcasting interactively while your registered patients, nurses, PA & colleagues may obtain real-time consultative advice. Inform, communicate, & educate with your library of video & presentations. You interactively serve patient needs, while answering questions from home, office or travel. 3P.NET VMC's all-in-one platform requires no download, No plug-in, No install and No cookies. It is HIPAA compliant. It places minimum constraint on your settings and security configuration.

3P.NET VMC brings you unparalleled simplicity and unmatched security. If you require connections for 4, 8, 10, 20, 50, 100, or even more, 3P.NET VMC is your Virtual Medical Office. 3P.NET VMC offers a variety of packages suitable for your needs. 3P.NET VMC Serving Patients, Phycisicans, Health Service Providers, Pharma, & Pharmacists worldwide.

How does 3P.NET VMC work?

Obtain a Virtual Medical Office @ 3P.NET VMC. Notify your patients to register. They could meet you online at your VMC. Tele-Health services are approved in 12 states including Hawaii & Puerto Rico with CPT code and billing.

3P.NET VMC Features:

  • All-in-One Modular Control Panel
  • Up to 8 cameras broadcasting online
  • VMC - MCAST Multi Live Feed broadcasting
  • Video Player with sync
  • Private Security Pass Code enabled
  • You Tube video broadcast enabled
  • Presentation Panel (PowerPoint,PDF, XLS, DOC)
  • VMC is moderated by physician
  • Simple, secured & no download
  • Drag and drop participants into interactive video placeholder
  • Interact via instant text messaging (no webcam required)
  • Simple, easy to use, & intuitive user control
  • 14 days Trial. Take VMC for an Exam!
  • Contact: