Virtual Medical Offices, it’s that simple!

At 3PVMC (Virtual Medical Center) we believe that real-time communications helps you serve your patients more effectively. Online patient visits, setting up collaboration with colleagues, consulting with specialists, having a staff meeting, and even conducting educational webcast sessions are just a few examples of utilizing 3PVMC virtual tele-health venue. At 3PVMC we empower you to connect and interact, save time, reduce travel expense, respond fast and do more.

3P.NET VMC is HIPAA compliant and does not require users to install software on their computers to attend web meetings. Users can start or join meetings with just a few clicks.

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Why 3P.NET VMC ?

  • Patient direct 1-Link access
  • Drag and drop video & intuitive workflow menus
  • 1-8 cameras broadcasting online
  • Video, VoIP, & Instant Text Chat
  • Live Feed Streaming (HD Optional)
  • Video Player with auto broadcast sync
  • Content Manager (store your PowerPoint, PDF, XLS, DOC)
  • Secure with additional private pass key enabled
  • Exam & Reception Room settings
  • Solo, Group & Departmental structure
  • Virtual Medical Office is Physician controlled
  • Crash proof Virtual Medical Offices
  • Virtual Medical Offices are available for any size.
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